The year 2019 was a great year for cycling. Particularly in regards to getting flats. If memory serves me right, I would say I did not get a single tire flat. This is not because I got some great tires that have kevlar or some other fancy patented technologies.

As a matter of fact, I was running the Continental GP 4000 SII tires which I've used for several years. They are a good compromize for tire weight and durability in my opinion. But in 2019, I got no flats running these tires.

The main reason looking back is I diligently aired up my tires before going out on each ride indiscriminate of when I last rode. Which would confirm that previously, the majority of flats I got were mostly pinch flats which would occur when you hit an uneven surface on the road and the rims would pinch the inner tubes enough to pierce holes in them.

These holes could either be two from each side of the rim, known as the snake bite among cyclists, or a single side.

Checking tire pressure before every ride probably became habitual after a ride on June, 2018 when I got double flats on both tires whille crossing railway lines. Thus using up all my spare tubes.

To say luck was not on my side would be on my side would be an understatement. Since a few miles down the road, my tire pressures were observed to be low once again. So stranded, I had to create an Uber account and get a ride back home.

So the lesson of this experience was, spend five minutes before each ride to avoid spending thirty minutes or more fixing flats by the road side.

In conclusion, the best road bike tires might be what you already have when used with the right tire pressure.